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Suzy's Craft Store

Suzy’s Craft Store is an Auckland, NZ home based online hobby shop. It all came about because of my love of, and desire to find exceptional papers and other items for making handmade crafts.   I’ve always loved creating, and decoupage (the art of covering ordinary items with beautiful papers) is a real passion.

I’ve looked high and low and found very little product here in NZ that was exceptionally pretty.  I really love the antique look, having grown up in a house full of antiques, but I couldn’t find anything that really fit the bill.  So, I decided I’d look beyond our shores and luckily for me and now you, I’ve found some fantastic papers including Rice Paper and Paper Napkins.  I am so happy to be able to share them with you and promise I will always be focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction. I do hope you will check in often to see what new things I have found.


(That’s me looking very vintage)

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