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How to make decouopage glue

How to make decoupage glue at home

Okay, so we all love crafting but lets be honest, it can get quite expensive.  So I’ve got a little tip for you that will save you a few dollars!  That’s got to be good right?  I’m going to show you how to make Mod Podge!

I’ve been doing decoupage for quite a while now and I’ve been through copious amounts of decoupage glue.  Namely, Mod Podge.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Mod Podge is a great product but it is very expensive!   So why not have a go at making your own Mod Podge?  I promise it is very simple!

Before we start, lets just clarify that Mod Podge, or any of the other decoupage glues on the market are basically just watered down White Glue, commonly known as PVA, Woodworkers Glue or Elmer’s Glue.  Now $18NZ for a jar of watery white glue seems like a lot to me!   So I’m sure you’ll be keen to give this a go.  Especially as you can usually grab a decent sized bottle of White Glue at your local $2 Shop or Emporium for under five dollars.  I got my bottle at Geoff’s Emporium for just $4 and it will make me two batches! So here’s how to make your own Mod Podge…

How to make Mod Podge

Here’s what you’ll need…

Measuring cups

Jar or container

Brush or spoon for mixing

1 Cup of White Glue

1/3 Cup Water




Measure out 1 Cup of your white glue and pour it into your jar.  Measure 1/3 Cup of water and add to your jar.  Mix really well.

That is it!  How simple is that?

Making deoupage glueMaking decoupage glueMaking decoupage glue






This mixture will last for ages, months, years even as long as you keep it in an air tight container.  Give it a good stir before each use.

This is the only glue I use now for my decoupage projects.  Whether I’m working on wood, glass or metal, I use this glue.

One last thing to remember… If you want your projects to last a long time, just like when using a bought decoupage glue, you should varnish your finished work with a clear water based varnish.

So now you know how to make your own Mod Podge, why not share this recipe with your crafty friends?  Just send them the link.  I’m sure they’ll thank you for it!

See you in the comments section!

How to make Mod Podge



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  • itsmyvintagesoul

    Wow! Thanks for the tip! 😍

  • Sharon

    Oh my giddy aunt! that is sooo easy to make.

    Cheers for the post. I will not be purchasing anymore store bought Modge-Podge!

    ps Geoff’s emporium is the best!


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