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How to decoupage candles blog post

Let’s Decoupage Candles!

Let me tell you, this has been a much requested tutorial!

So many of you have asked me for this so I’ve created a video showing how you can decoupage candles both with paper napkins and rice paper.  It’s not difficult but to get the best result you should take your time.  You will need a heat gun to decoupage candles properly.  This is the correct way, which will set the paper into the candle wax.  Please do not use glue or varnish on candles.  I have heard of quite a few people doing this.  If you just use glue, your image may melt off.  If you use varnish it may not be safe at all with a flame.

Sit back and relax…

My video is just over 17 minutes long so find somewhere comfy and warm, sit back and relax and take a look…

To watch directly from YouTube – click here

If you’d like to try the papers I used in this video please follow the links below.

Decoupage napkin – Picking Up Christmas Tree

Decoupage rice paper – Spring Little Landscapes

I have tried to source heat guns to stock for you but unfortunately I haven’t had any luck getting hold of any, but if you’d like to get one like the one I used in the video, they are available at Warehouse Stationary.

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