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How to decoupage a Jar

My first video tutorial – How to decoupage from scratch

Welcome back to my blog! It has been a week of firsts for me.  The first time I’ve made a video tutorial, the first time I’ve used editing software and the first time I’ve uploaded anything to YouTube!  It has been a real learning curve which has taken up hours and hours of time, hopefully well spent so I can show you how to decoupage from scratch.

The video has turned out well, although a little longer than I’d planned but I had to fit everything in!  If I try this again I will try to make things a bit shorter.  I also made some fumbles but let’s just put that down to nerves.  I’m naturally quite a shy and quiet person so this was rather a big step for me.  Moving out of your comfort zone has got to be good!

Anyway, the tutorial will show you how I transform an old preserving jar into a beautiful Vase.  I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section so do leave me a message and I’d love it if you give this a go.

I hate the sound of my own voice but, here we go! Just click the video below or click here to go directly to YouTube.


Here’s what you’ll need to give this a go yourself…

Paper napkins (click here to use the same one as I did)

White or cream coloured chalk paint

Sand paper


Home-made Mod Podge (Click here to find out how to make this)

Cling film

Paint sponge and brush


Clear water based spray varnish or brush on varnish





I’d love to see what you make after watching this, so please send photos to




  • Judy Coetzee

    Suzy that was very interesting, well done for your first YouTube video, congrats. Wish I had time to delve into it.
    Your decoupage is always so beautiful, you are very talented.

  • Sharon

    Absolute cracker video! Loved it.

    Going to give this a go some time soon as I would love to stock my shop with some of these


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